Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Tree of Life to Those Who Cling To It

The Jewish Halachic literature offers an unusual window into the Holocaust experience. Jewish Torah Law, or Halachah, serves as a guide for life in even the most trying of times. And circumstances during the Holocaust gave rise to many troubling questions for which Jews required answers.

In this class, we will look closely at the kind of advice that was sought. The responses these Jews were given have much to teach us about Jewish values, but the more amazing fact is that these questions were asked at all.

Some of the questions reveal the fervor and self-sacrifice of Jews who desired to observe mitzvoth. Some reveal the moral courage of Jews who debated whether they were permitted to save their own lives at the expense of others. All are testament to an inner integrity and strength that transcended the horrors of that time.

Please join us for Lesson Five of Beyond Never Again, titled, A Tree of Life to Those Who Hold Fast to It: Halachic Questions of the Holocaust Era.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening at the Chabad Torah Centre.

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