Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review of Lesson Two (SoulQuest)

Thank you for joining us for our first lesson of Soul Quest: The Journey through Life, Death, and Beyond. Here is a quick recap:

After learning about the unique identity that we call a soul in our previous lesson, this week we looked at its origin and its preparation for its mission. We began by briefly outlining the soul’s formation, correlating each stage to the four worlds, as explained in kabbalistic thought. These stages all coexist like the layers of programming in a computer. We also looked closely at how the soul prepares for “dispatch,” as well as the pledge it takes before it is born.

The human soul is unique in that G-d “blew” it into man. Breath originates deep within a person. Thus, the breathing of the soul into alludes to the fact that the soul originates from deep within the essence of G-d. That is why the human soul thus has the capacity to reveal G-d’s essence in everything. This purpose is primarily accomplished through Torah and mitzvot.

Before a person is born, the soul undergoes “basic training,” learning the entire Torah. Finally, right before birth, the soul take a pledge, connecting the soul to its essence, reminding the soul of its mission, and empowering the soul as it embarks on its journey.

Finally, we touched on the experience of birth and how the soul’s fusion with the body marks a new stage in its development, accompanied by a new set of struggles. The soul and the body will now grow and mature throughout life, especially during life’s milestones.

I look forward to seeing you next week, when we will examine the stage after the soul’s mission in the world has been completed.

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