Monday, November 9, 2009

Lesson two; Before you were born...

When did your life begin? Did it start on the day of your birth, when you first entered this noisy, chaotic world, seeking the calm of a human embrace? Or did it start earlier, while you were still in utero, when you came to recognize your mother’s voice and the soothing cadence of her heartbeat? Perhaps it began at the moment of conception, when your embryonic cells began the process of rapid division and differentiation. A case could even be made for a beginning far before your parents even met, when the potential of birthig children still lay dormant within them.

Could it be that instead of looking for the earliest antecedents of life, we should be looking for the moment of its full-flowering? Might we say your life did not begin at birth, but when you took your first step, or spoke your first word? Or that it did not start until you began an adult, independent and fully able to determine your own life-course?

Clearly, physical life is marked by a progressive unfolding of potential and develops over time. The soul too must move from a potential state to the moment of its conception, and must gestate and pass through a number of stages before it fully comes into its own.

We’ll talk about the different kinds of beginnings in Lesson Two of Soul Quest, “Before You Were Born.” Looking forward to seeing you.

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