Thursday, May 7, 2009

The ultimate question: What are we doing here?

Our first two JLI courses this year were met with tremendous success, and I am so thrilled to welcome you to our spring semester’s course. Biblical Reflections: Finding Yourself in the Book of Genesis examines some of the most famous Biblical stories: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah and the Ark. These stories explore the most fundamental human struggles: the quests for love, purpose, identity, and redemption. We’ll also consider the inner obstacles that threaten these goals: lust, greed, hatred and jealousy.

The stories of the Book of Genesis serve as the foundation for much of the Western canon of literature and have indelibly influenced Western thought. At the same time, our upcoming course will strike a very personal chord as we look inwards into our own lives and our own struggles.

We will begin with the ultimate question: What are we doing here? Many societies discuss how we got here. The Torah answers not only the question of how, but the question of why. By looking closely at the account of human creation, we can also discern human purpose and a sense of the divine mission with which we were entrusted.

I’m delighted that you’ve signed up for Biblical Reflections, and I look forward to meeting you.

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