Monday, May 4, 2009

Open Letter

Dear JLI Student:

The stories of the book of Genesis are the oldest stories in the world, the stories from which countless other stories have been adapted. They cover the most universal of themes. They talk about the search for love, identity, being, purpose, and redemption. They also address the obstacles that threaten these objectives, such as hatred, jealousy, ambition, lust, and greed.

Our upcoming course will focus on the Book of Genesis and some of its most famous stories: the creation of the world, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, and Noah and the flood.

As we examine these dramatic struggles together, you will gain insight into the very essence of the human condition. You will also have the opportunity to reflect on how these stories speak to you personally.

We invite you to attend Biblical Reflections and find yourself in the stories of Genesis. Please join us for the first lesson of this exciting course on Tuesday evening, 7:30pm at the Chabad Torah Centre (1825 Grant Ave.).



Rabbi Shmuly Altein
Jewish Learning Institute (JLI)
Chabad Lubavitch of Winnipeg
(204) 414-5624

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