Monday, March 8, 2010

JLI Mission to Israel Begins Today!

Representatives from communities across the USA, Canada, Brazil, England, South Africa, Australia and Ukraine embarked today on the second JLI Land and Spirit Mission to Israel.

Close to 200 participants and Shluchim began with an exploration of Caesaria, Har HaCarmel and other points of interest in Israel’s coastal region. Headed by Mission Coordinator, Rabbi Schneur Wineberg, the trip will take them to the holy cities of Tiveria and Tsfas and to the Golan Heights in the north before moving its base to Yerushalayim. They will learn firsthand Chabad’s role in bolstering the beleaguered communities of Chevron and Sderot and bring messages of solidarity from their home communities to the people there as well as to the soldiers at an active army base.

Throughout the trip they will be addressed by influential dignitaries including Chief Rabbis Metzger and Amar and Ministers and Knesset Members Uzi Landau, Benny Begin, Yoel Chasson and Tzachi Hanegbi. The Mayors of Yerushalayim, Nir Barkat and Tiveria, Zohar Oved will also greet them as will Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, former Minister and Head of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky, Ambassador Yehuda Avner, Professor Jonathan Sarna and Jerusalem Post Correspondent Gil Hoffman.

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