Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear Students,

When construction worker Wesley Autrey risked his life by valiantly throwing himself onto the subway tracks to restrain an epileptic as a train ran over them both, his heroism was met with public acclaim. Autrey received a Bronze Medallion from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a personal invitation from President Bush to the State of the Union address.

But when civilian Lisa Torti pulled Alexandra Van Horn to safety after a car accident in California, she did not received similar recognition. Instead, she was slammed with a major lawsuit for allegedly exacerbating Horn’s injuries.

It’s not that hard to do the right thing when one’s sacrifice is recognized and rewarded. But what about when there is a steep price to pay? Knowing what she knows now, would Lisa save Alexandra again? Would you?

How much is integrity worth? In this lesson, you will meet a man willing to stand alone, apart from family, friends, and colleagues, in order to uphold his values and a sacred trust.

I look forward to seeing you at the third lesson of Portraits in Leadership: Timeless Tales for Inspired Living at the Chabad Torah Centre.

Rabbi Shmuly Altein

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