Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are we doomed to a lifetime of struggle?

Dear JLI Student,

We have now discussed both the process of self-change as well as the attitude, yet we are bound to wonder where we are going with all this. What is the point of attaining self-mastery if the perfection of the tzadik is likely forever beyond our reach? If we are doomed to a lifetime of struggle, what is the point of our efforts and what sort of lasting impact can we hope to achieve?

We will find our answer by turning our attention to the “the bigger picture.” Thus far, we have focused on the war inside, yet there is also a raging war in the world at large that parallels our inner storms, and is expressed in the natural disasters, national disasters, political upheaval, and grand-scale chaos and turmoil that surrounds us. Just as we seek progress and perfection within ourselves, there is also a need for progress and perfection within the world around us.

Might it be possible for us imperfect beings to nevertheless bring perfection to the cosmos as a whole? I look forward to exploring this question with you next week.

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