Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Video supplement to lesson 2 and 3

"Kabbala Toons" provides some insight into this discord between the mind and the heart. In the cartoon, the heart is named "Feival" and he is portrayed much like a pet - one must "walk" him, take care of him and work on appropriate techniques of communication. In general daily life, he behaves, however, an occasional stimulus can cause a major disruption, and this is what we must learn to control and prevent. Here are the links and hopefully they will launch some "diablog":^)

Walking your Heart: Heart and mind are sometimes in communion, well synchronized. Sometimes heart goes wild. Mind provides focus and calm and heart provides warmth and joy. Can't just scream at heart, must work on appropriate communication.

Feival goes Wacko: Heart has a mind, and in a controlled environment, the mind goes to sleep allowing the higher mind to take control. When certain stimuli hit, that mind wakes up and heart can go nuts. By staying calm, we can effect true and lasting change and control those urges when they are at their peak- we can allow heart to be mindful even when it's awake.


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