Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to the first class on Towards a Meaningful Life

Dear Student,

Once upon a time, our worlds were very small, and roles were clearly defined. You lived in a village with one blacksmith, and if the blacksmith moved away, there was no one to shoe the horses. If you were the town baker, you knew that everyone depended upon you for bread.

Today, we live in a universe of seven billion people suspended in the vastness of space. And the underlying concern of our age is, “Do we really matter?” Do our choices make a difference? Are our lives significant in the ultimate scheme of things?

This is the question that is at the root of our search for meaning, and it is the question that underlies this course.

In this first lesson, you will learn why everything you do does matter, now and forever. You will learn about the importance of having a personal mission statement, outlining your indispensable role. And you will gain some practical tools for implementing your mission.
I’m looking forward to having you join us for the first JLI class of Toward a Meaningful Life as we embark on an amazing journey together in search of a more meaningful life.

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