Monday, September 13, 2010

Moishy's Nanny Gets Citizenship

"The love I give to Rabbi Gabi and Ima Rivky, I give to all of Israel," Sandra Samuel, Moishy Holtzberg's nanny said at her citizenship ceremony Monday.

Almost two years after the terror attack in Mumbai, when Rabbi Gavriel and Rivky Holtzberg hy"d were brutally murdered at their Chabad center, Israel's Minister of Interior Eli Yishai granted Israeli citizenship status to Sandra Samuel, which will enable her to remain in Israel.

During the attack, four terrorists took over the Chabad center and killed all of its occupants, except the Shluchim's 2 year old son Moishy, who was saved by his nanny, Sandra Samuel, who hid during the attack for 12 hours, until she could find the right moment to grab the little boy to safety.

After moving to Israel with Moishy, who is currently in the care of his grandparents in the northern city of Afula, the family requested citizenship for Samuel so he could remain close to his loving nanny.

The ministry granted Samuel Israeli citizenship which will be renewed once a year for four years, after which it will become permanent citizenship.

Monday morning, Samuel, accompanied by the Rosenberg family, arrived at the ministry's office and was granted citizenship in a short ceremony.

After the emotional ceremony, met with applause from all in attendance, Samuel said she "is very excited" to receive permanent status in the State of Israel, which she said she loves, and hopes to love even more.

"The love I give to Rabbi Gabi and Ima Rivky, I give to all of Israel," she said. "I have come to love and respect Israel - I would give my life for Israel."

"I am very excited," Samuel said.

Minister Yishai presented Moishy with a gift and candies and told him, "Moishy, look what a party they've thrown you, we all love you, all the people of Israel."

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